Carcasse - The Butcher's Kitchen

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Enjoy really good meat with all delicious refined recipes from the kitchen ofHendrik Dierendonck's star restaurant Carcasse

In this book, the renowned Belgian butcher Hendrik Dierendonck invites you to take a unique look behind the scenes of his profession. A profession that has become his passion: he is the proud breeder of rare West Flemish Red cattle, has mastered every aspect of the meat ageing process, owns an acclaimed restaurant and has rediscovered the Menapian pig.

Carcasse is literally an extension of the Dierendonck butcher’s shop in Sint-Idesbald, Belgium. Don’t expect a traditional restaurant, however. Everything here is done according to Hendrik’s well-established nose-to-tail philosophy. Nothing is ever discarded. Everything is used including less popular parts of the animal such as the brains and kidneys. The brute force of the butcher – Why can’t you put a pig’s head on the table? Of course you can eat with your hands, who cares? – combines seamlessly with the exceptionally refined dishes served in the restaurant.

Nothing is done by chance at Carcasse. Everything has a purpose. Everything prepared in the kitchen is always of outstanding quality. The starters and side dishes easily rival the meat, which is always sublime. There’s no ostentation either – the restaurant’s recently awarded Michelin star can be found in the kitchen, not next to the front door.

This book includes dozens of delicious recipes to prepare at home. The focus is on the meat, of course, but there are also plenty of original starters and side dishes packed with vegetables.

  • 27 x 23 cm
  • 192 pages
  • Open spine hardcover with hole for meat hook
  • Quadrichromy
  • English edition
  • ISBN 978 94 9267 734 1

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Carcasse - The Butcher's Kitchen

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