Draw the World Awake

Available from September 16, 2024
€150.00 Free shipping (Benelux)

Magnificent drawings by fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck

For the first time ever, Walter Van Beirendonck opens up his personal archives to reveal an incredibly rich but meticulously curated selection of the transmutative drawings that have been crucial in bridging the gap between his mind, his runways and the world at large.

As one of the most influential fashion designers ever, the Antwerp Six member has been rethinking and reshaping what contemporary clothing can look and feel like for over four decades.

Previously stored within his private vault, this curation of more than five hundred drawings on paper, some dreamt up in the eighties, others just weeks ago, offer an unprecedented insight into the wonderful, wild, hopeful world of a true artist who relentlessly follows his calling, no matter the hurdles or setbacks along the way.

This Walter Van Beirendonck bible, filled with more than 500 of his most magnificent drawings, is an indispensable addition to the personal library of any fashion lover.

  • 34 × 24 cm
  • 960 pages
  • Hardcover
  • English edition
  • Quadrichromy
  • ISBN 978 94 6494 136 4

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